Love Poems, Profane and Sacred


Politically-Correct, Pre-nuptual Disclaimer

Thus, my love
I pledge my troth:

You must remember this
a kiss won’t stay a kiss
a sigh won’t stay a sigh
as time goes by………

In one short year or, maybe, three
love’s brain-bath alchemy
will adrenaline to endorphines turn
and I for you will cease to burn.

This sweet chemistry of desire
will fade and spark no fire.
So,don’t ask love to be our savior.
if it’s just a bit of chemical behavior.

e-love vows

If you will be my cyber-sweetie
I will be your constant tweetie.
You, my faithful Facebook friend,
Ours, a virtual love without end.

We will chat and have a quickie,
(no need to fear a leak from Wiki)
no exchange of body fluids
no ecstatic dancing Druids

Its safe and wholly antiseptic
Nothing carnal, just electric.


Quantum Love

In quantum physics,
as in love,
in matter and in meeting,
paradox rules.

Protons, being particle and wave,
persons, being single and connected,
arrive at their destination
before they embark on the journey.

The arrow of longing
hits the target
before we take aim.
The answer sleeps
in the question.
The lost treasure
is our found/ation

Start with the conclusion,
the end encoded in the beginning.
The problem of the meaning of life
is solved by the mystery of love.

Not a Poem.. For Patricia on Our Wedding Day

It would be easier to write a poem
if you were coy
and I was filled with nearly hopeless longing,
if you were my unrequited dream,
my gossamer muse,
if we sighed and panted
like thirsty dogs in a dry time,
if we were moon moths
drawn to a light we could not embrace,
if the promise of what is not yet
kept us on an endless journey
on which we never got nearer
to the satisfaction of our desire.

They say: love lives
more in the wanting
than the possession,
more in the anticipation
than the fulfillment.

Yet, here I am with you
at the end of time
in a stillness
that is not waiting
that is not yearning
for something
that will certainly become
more than we can imagine.

I think today is Pentecost.
Tongues of fire;
the spirit is in the kiss.
The kairos for which I waited has come.
All my love poetry
has become prose–
the ordinary wonder
of being with you.

Psalm 139

Oh Love
You have pursued me
and dared to know me
You embrace my stillness
and my uprising
You understand my thoughts,
share a shadowland of memory
and  bright hopes for what is to come.
That you have chosen me
is wonderful beyond belief.
You are my faithful companion.
In the heights and depths ,
in light and darkness.
Surely, we were formed  in separate wombs,
destined to be joined in life.
You look beyond my faults and failings
to some beauty I am becoming but cannot see.
Your myriad ways are precious to me.
I fall asleep graced by your presence,
thankful for my good fortune.
When I awake you are still here.


Awakening, I hear
two mourning doves
calling to each other
over an unknown distance.
Two short owl-like hoo –hoo’s
followed by three evenly spaced notes
a haunting duet of here and there.
The whistle of a distant train.
No bird song is so plaintive.
Like a passing glimpse
through a lit window
seen on a long journey
on a rainy night.
So near, so far,
like my soul.