Fire In The Belly

Fire In The Belly



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This book, along with Robert Bly’s Iron John, was credited by the popular press with initiating the “men’s movement”. Although I have never beat on drums or passed a talking stick, I do plead guilty to some in depth explorations of what it means to be a man in this troubled time. And, I am gratified to know that this book was helpful to many men and women. Tom Peters “I did a lot of reading at Canyon Ranch, nothing more important than Sam Keen’s Fire in the Belly.” Reviewer: Kelly. Not your typical self-help book. I felt a little weird going through the check-out line with a book “on being a man” when I am a female, but I am certainly glad I did. this book will not only help you know yourself more if you are a man- it will help woman to understand men better so they can understand and empathize better. Reviewer: K William. This book is for men who have experienced their emptiness, loneliness, and longing for connection, but whose ways of dealing with these issues are limited by old paradigms and beliefs which could change if exposed to new information. This book, a real treasure, contains much of this new information. I highly, highly recommend it.

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